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How Much Do Piano Moving Companies Cost?

How to Find the Cost for Piano Moving
Cost of Moving a Piano Pianos
All Star specializes in many services associated with pianos, from piano storage to piano moving. When it comes to finding out the cost of moving a piano, we're a great company to learn from. We have been in the piano moving business a long time. We're glad to share common costs you can expect from various piano movers.

What Kind of Prices Do Piano Movers Charge?

One thing to keep in mind -- the cost of moving a piano may actually vary, depending on the size and value of your piano, to where you are located in the country. In Beverly Hills and Manhattan, for example, expect to pay quite a bit more to piano moving companies that solicit higher end piano customers.

Cheap Ways to Move a Piano

Here's a cheaper way to move a piano, especially over the course of 15 - 20 years. First, if you expect to potentially move 3 - 4 times during those 15-20 years of your life, you may want to purchase a smaller piano from the get go, before handing over a large amount of money for a more expensive piano.

You'll be glad you did when you see just how difficult and costly it can be to move the larger sizes of pianos.

How to Save Money On Piano Moving

Want to know a great way to save money on piano moving? It may not be possible in all areas, but if you hire a piano mover from outside your immediate geographical area -- and you live in a upper class or upper middle class community -- you may get a much better price, yet good service all the same.

That means if you live in an expensive community, call up a piano moving company from a nearby middle class business district, and see if you can work out a much better cost than your local higher end piano movers want to charge you. Of course, check out that company you're considering talking to beforehand, and be sure they've got great reviews and are fully insured for piano moving.

What Does Our Piano Moving Company Charge?

We move upright pianos and grand pianos from Washington to anywhere in the United states. We have offered our nationwide piano moving services for over 20 years and moved thousands and thousands of pianos of all shapes and sizes. If you're in our area, or moving to Washington State, contact us for a piano moving quote.

Call us toll free, let us know where you're moving to in the Washington area, and we can give you a price for piano moving. Our hours are Mon-Fri, 7:30am-4:30pm Pacific Time. Our phone number is 1-800-996-6838.

Common Costs a Piano Moving Company May Charge You

Cost for Moving a Spinet Piano
Cost for Moving a Console Piano
Cost for Moving a Studio Upright Piano
Cost for Moving a Full Size Upright / Upright Grand Piano
Cost for Moving a Player Piano

Spinet Piano Cost

Starting with the smallest pianos which are spinet pianos, an upright style piano from 32-40" tall, the spinet piano is compact and the cheapest and easiest to move. Expect to pay less for a spinet piano. A local move may cost as little as $150.

Console Piano Cost

The next size piano in the upright piano category is the console piano. Console pianos are 40-44" tall and have a slightly richer sound. While all upright pianos are generally the same width, as they increase in height their sound becomes richer and bolder.

Studio Upright Piano Cost

The studio upright piano ranges from 44-48" in height and again will have even larger sound with more resonance and a "larger" sound. The studio upright is the most common upright.

Full Size Upright / Upright Grand Piano Cost

Then there is the full size upright or the upright grand piano. This piano is typically 5 ft. tall and the largest of the upright piano family. You may remember Grandma Ilene's piano that had been in the same place your parents entire life and yours as well! The reason for that is that upright grand pianos can reach 700 LBs to 800LBs and more if they are a player piano.

Player Piano Cost

Player pianos have either mechanical player units or electronic player pianos have electronic player units which add additional weight and cost to moving them. Moving player pianos requires special skills and many times the Player unit will need to be removed before the piano can be moved.

A Few More Details on Piano Moving Prices

The upright pianos, in general, are cheaper to move than grand pianos and increase in cost to move as they increase in size. Upright pianos can be moved on end and therefore they can be moved into tighter areas and smaller spaces and thru smaller stairwells.

We have moved pianos from the upright piano category up spiral staircases and tight stairwells in apartment complexes and homes. They also fit nicely into small elevators.

Upright pianos can be hoisted or moved with a crane when there are no other options. Our piano movers have hoisted pianos and done piano crane jobs on many occasions. These moves are the most costly and piano crane jobs or hoist jobs should only be done by licenced and insured movers.

Our company, All Star, is licensed bonded and insured. Hoist jobs begin around $550 and can reach $1590 to perform these piano moves.

Grand pianos are the second category of pianos and generally perceived as more difficult to move. Grand pianos range in size from the smallest, petite grand piano to the largest, the concert grand.

Cost of Moving Concert Grand Pianos

Concert grands can reach over 9ft in length and concert grands can reach over 1,000 lbs. Also because of the value and size of the concert grands, the cost for moving these pianos can be considerably more than any other pianos.

Cost of Moving Baby Grand Pianos

Different types of grand pianos include baby grand pianos as well. Moving baby grand pianos is also a specialty service and requires licensed insured piano movers. They are the most common of the grand pianos.

Cost of Moving Parlor Grand Pianos

The parlor grand ranges from 6'2" to 6'9" and these grand pianos are larger in size and sound than the upright pianos or the baby grands and petite grands, but aren't quite as heavy and expensive to purchase and move. The parlor grand is good for the serious piano player that has limited space and budget.

Grand pianos 7' and over are considered concert grands and the heaviest and most expensive to own and move but have very large sound as well. Moving grand pianos requires special equipment including a piano board, piano dolly, and pads and straps. Special ramps and grass boards are necessary for negotiating steps and moving pianos over grass or gravel.

Where to Get A Price Quote for Piano Moving

If you're moving to Washington State, or moving within Washington, call us toll free at 1-800-996-6838 or click here to get a free quote.

Long distance moving across the continental United States (active routes may vary periodically). Get a free quote and ask about any nationwide moving discounts that may apply.

Interstate moving across state lines. Book your move today and save 30%-50% on interstate moving with All Star vs. major moving companies. Our teams of interstate movers are ready and equipped for interstate moving with the tools and trucks for the job. We are ready to tackle moving day.

How much can you save on local moving with an independent mover? Find out the cost of local moving and reasons why an independent moving company can be the best choice -- and how to choose the best local mover for the job.

Long distance moving from coast to coast and periodically Canada and Alaska. Book a long distance move today and save with lower rates compared to major long distance movers.


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How Much Do Piano Moving Companies Cost?
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