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Top Ten States for Jobs

The Best States for Jobs and Low Unemployment Rate
Can't Find a Job? Move to Where the Jobs Are.
How easy is it to move to a new job market? Easier than most people think. The fact is, you can move to a new region to look for work, but -- if you're low on money -- you may have to think outside the box, in order to survive the first few weeks while you look for work and don't have any money coming in. The top ten states with the lowest unemployment rate currently (according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics) are as follows:

1) North Dakota

Consider, for example North Dakota, and people from all across the U.S. flocking there for the hot job market related to the booming oil industry.

The fact is, the number one state in the country right now (at the time of this writing) for jobs is North Dakota, where historic levels of oil drilling are taking place. Today North Dakota boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the nation. People from all over the U.S. and even Canada (and sometimes other countries) are moving to North Dakota, due to the ease of finding a well paying job. Even the local Wal-Mart offers well paying jobs, in order to compete with the vast amount of jobs associated with the oil industry.

Good luck finding housing though. So many people have gone to North Dakota for jobs that everything for the most part has been rented. Luckily there are several RV parks where people can take shelter in campers, vans, and sometimes even just their car or truck (typically new arrivals). After the first couple pay checks come in, they'll turn around and buy a camper (RV) or simply rent one. Many companies offer housing also; but sometimes this housing is in "man camps" (small, modular housing). You never know, though. You may get lucky and be at the right place at the right time the next time a house or apartment is available to rent.

2) Nebraska

According to Monster.com, Nebraska has a low unemployment rate because it hasn't been hurt by the recession that took place across the U.S. following the real estate bust. That's attributed to the state's strong farm sector. Today many industries are doing just fine in Nebraska, from agriculture, transportation and manufacturing to government, bioscience, and energy. Prospects for jobs for the state's 1 million workers look good in the months ahead.

3) Vermont

At 4.1 percent unemployment, Vermont is also a good state for work. Rental prices can be high though, making buying a home or condominium a choice for many today. Burlington, Vermont did extremely well compared to much of the U.S. following the recession, with several established industries remaining strong. Vermont was also a state not affected much by the real estate housing bust.

4) South Dakota

4.3 percent unemployment. Associated Press reports that the state's unemployment rate is so low (half the country's national average) and that there are so many jobs in South Dakota, that there's not enough people to fill these positions. That means a lot of opportunity for people moving to South Dakota. There are so many jobs in fact that a state recruiter is looking outside South Dakota, to bring people in for jobs; many of these jobs are in manufacturing, engineering, and informational technology, though oil drilling has also come into South Dakota, though by far the majority of those jobs will be in North Dakota currently and Eastern Montana.

5) Iowa

Iowa's another state with an economy driven by agriculture, which helped it ride out the recession. As of March, 2013, the unemployment rate is 4.9. percent. In addition to agriculture, look for jobs in manufacturing, finance and insurance. Though the real estate bust effected most U.S. states, the housing market in Iowa has remained stable.

Which industries are producing the most jobs in Iowa? Monster.com reports that trade, transportation, and utilities are producing the most jobs.

5) Utah

At 4.9 percent unemployment, Utah is a state for job seekers to consider moving to for several reasons. First, there's jobs. Second, there are many nice communities to consider moving to in Utah. Monster.com states the following are areas offering employment: aerospace and aviation, defense and homeland security, energy and natural resources, financial services, life sciences, outdoor products and recreation, and software development and informational technology. In other words, there are jobs in many industries.

5) Wyoming

Wyoming, a beautiful state across the board and the least populated in the United States is experiencing an energy development boom, resulting in a lot of new jobs, and a forecast that predicts additional jobs. Wyoming is rich in natural resources. Coal, oil, and natural gas are producing new jobs for the state's 300,000 workers. Wyoming is currently sitting at a low 4.9% rate of unemployment.

8) Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a 5 percent unemployment rate -- yet another state in America's heartland with jobs to offer people on the East and West Coast who simply can't find work, due to high rates of unemployment and lots of people competing for existing jobs. Wagons West to Oklahoma, 2013! Nationally, Oklahoma is now the third largest state in natural gas production and the fifth largest state for oil. That means a lot of jobs have come to the state. Finally, look to Oklahoma for farming, including livestock, cotton, wheat, dairy, hay and even peanuts.

9) Hawaii

Hawaii has remained a popular draw for tourists, and the state has so many each year that it has an abundance of work, ranking the state ninth in the nation for lowest unemployment. Not only are there job opportunities related to travel and tourism, but also the U.S. military has a strong presence in Hawaii, counting for nearly 21% of all jobs. According to Monster.com, "other key Hawaii job sectors include science, research and technology, film and multimedia, energy, education/health services, and diversified agriculture."

10) Virginia

With Washington D.C. in close proximity, the government sector provides by far the most amount of jobs in Virginia. In addition to these jobs are other industries like manufactured goods and high technology, reportedly growing in Virginia. In 2011 Forbes.com ranked Virginia the second best state for business (the second year in a row). Virginia is currently ranked by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics as having a 5.3% unemployment rate.

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