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Glossary of Moving Industry Terms

You will most likely run into the following terms on your journey with professional moving companies. Understanding these terms will help you make your decision and understand what the mover is referring to.

ACCESS: This refers to the driveway into the home that the truck will have to negotiate to get close to the home. This also refers to the path or route that the movers will take to get from the truck to where the furniture is in your home. Factors that may affect access are stairs, traveling around house on grass or gravel, long carries, turns in stairwells, etc.

AGENT: An agent usually refers to a franchise company representing a national moving company. When dealing with an agent, you may not be clear on who you hired, so do your homework. All Star is independent and not an agent for anyone. You start with us and you end with us.

BILL OF LADING: BOL is a legal and binding contract with terms of service and limits of liability. On national moves the document is generally regulated by the D.O.T. and will contain the same parameters for all moving companies. On local Washington moves, it is regulated by the W.U.T.C and will contain the same information.

BINDING QUOTE: Binding quotes mean a guarantee the final price will not vary by a margin set on the quote. Be sure to read the margin and the details outlined in the quote.

CARRIER: The moving company handling your goods.

COD: This is cash on delivery or a certified check.

CONSIGNEE: The person to whom the shipment is being delivered.

CORPORATE ACCOUNT: Generally associated with an employer paying for the move.

COST PER CUBIC FT: This would mean that the shipments final bill in relation to the volume of truck space used. Measured in cubic ft.

COST PER 100LB: Also know as 100 weight, it is the cost per 100 lbs of goods moved.

CRATE: A wooden container built to protect shipment during transit.

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE: The process and inspection of goods when entering another country.

CWT: An abbreviation for 100 weight.

DECLARED VALUE: The value of the goods being transported as reported by the owner.

DESTINATION AGENT: Company receiving the delivery - Another red flag that yet another company that you don't know will be handling your goods at delivery.

EXCLUSIVE LOAD: Your shipment will be the only load on the truck.

FULL COVERAGE: This term related to carriers covering load for full value. This coverage is usually repair or replacement, whichever is less. Carriers may add deductibles, maximum limits and your bill of lading will outline the exclusions to this coverage.

INSURANCE CERTIFICATE: A certificate from the carrier's insurance company showing the limits of liability and cargo coverage.

INVENTORY: A list of all items transported by carrier along with the condition of those items. This document should be signed by driver and customer.

LIFTVANS: Wooden crates usually 7' X 4' X 8'. These containers are used for transporting overseas or for warehousing that is containerized and stacked.

LINEHAUL: Usually associated with interstate moves. The charge to move your shipment by road by semi truck. This cost does not normally include packing or shuttle costs.

ORIGIN AGENT: Agent responsible for pick up of goods.

PBO: Term for inventoried items that refers to items "PACKED BY OWNER". These items are not insured by carrier.

PACKERS: Persons in charge of packing the items into boxes.

PACKING LIST: The list used by packers to show the number and sizes of boxes packed by carrier.

ROUTING: The route the shipment will take to reach the delivery point.

SHIPPER: The customer whom the goods belong to is referred to as the shipper.

SIT: This stands for "STORAGE IN TRANSIT". When the items are picked up by carrier but cannot be immediately delivered due to the shipper's circumstance.

SURVEY: An on-site look at goods being shipped by the carrier to determine load size and access for commercial vehicle. This is also known as an "on-site estimate"

THIRD PARTY SERVICE: When a specialty service is required like piano, pool table, or hot tub; another company is contracted to move those items or prepare them for carrier to move

TRANSIT TIME: The time it takes the carrier's goods to reach the destination after pick up.Get a Free Moving Quote

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